Donation to help people financially affected by Corona Pandemic

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You are here if you know me through my book Phoenix Inside Out or through someone who purchased my books earlier.

If you are in EU and want to avoid VAT added to this donation, please send your donations to my paypal address

I am Shankar Dhanasekaran ( I am a programmer by profession, author, speaker and trainer. I live in Puducherry, India.

I am saddened by looking at people who are financially affected by Coronavirus pandemic. These are cab drivers, housemaids, daily wage labours and a whole lot of our brothers and sisters who don't have a system to support them financially as we go through this tough times of Coronovirus outbreak.

I know people in my community who needs financial help and they know other people who need this help. I want to help these people with whatever money I can collect as donation from anyone who feels the same.

Not many know me outside my small network to trust me with your money to help others. I am NOT A REGISTERED NON PROFIT. However, I can only give a personal gurantee that I will use this money for helping people in need and provide proof of people who are helped by your donations.

I will make it transparent on my website here: whatever donation I receive online and the people who are being helped by your donations. If you can trust me, please make the donation. Otherwise, you can still find people in your community and help people you can.

The most important thing is that we adopt individuals and families financially affected by this pandemic in whatever capacity we can

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